About the Pickleball Forum!


Pickleball Forum is a passion project of mine! In early 2018, my neighbors Scott and Cheri introduced me to pickleball. They asked me if I had played and knew about the game and my response was a look of bewilderment.

I had never heard of pickleball! At first it made me think of “pickle”, a game I used to play with friends as a kid where a tennis ball is used, similar to monkey in the middle.

My neighbors had a few paddles and balls as well as a net and started to demonstrate the game in their driveway. I quickly joined in and thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was so much fun and such a great workout! It was just like tennis, but with different rules (even though you quickly can learn how to play), a smaller court (which helps somewhat out of shape people like me), and smaller rackets (paddles) and what amounts to glorified wiffleballs!

I will finish my story soon! 🙂


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