Pickleball Rules: Complete Guide of How to Play!


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States, in part because it has a very short learning curve. This is a brief introduction on how to play pickleball.

Pickleball is played on a rectangular, 44 foot x 20 foot court. The court is divided into two sides by a low net. There are two sidelines, two baselines, a center line on each side as well as two non-volley lines which create two, non-volley zones that are affectionately called “The Kitchen.” The center line divides each side into two service courts. The left service court and the right service court.

Every point begins with a serve. A pickleball serve must be hit underhand from behind the baseline cross court into the opposing team’s service court. The serve must clear the net and not land in the kitchen. An important rule in pickleball is the double bounce rule. The double bounce rule says the ball must bounce once on each side before either team may start volleying the ball in the air.

Here is an example of the serve and bounce rule. When team A serves to team B, they must let the ball bounce once before returning the serve. Team A must also let the ball bounce once on their side. After the ball has bounced on both sides, either team may volley the ball into the air or let the ball bounce once before striking it.

The rally will continue until one of the teams either hits the ball in the net, out of bounds or lets the bounce on their side twice. A unique but important aspect of pickleball is the non-volley zone or kitchen. Players may not hit the ball while standing in the kitchen unless the ball is already bounced on their side.

Pickleball is a fun and exciting sport. Hopefully this video will give you the knowledge you need to play your first game of pickleball. To learn how pickleball scoring works, go to playpickleball.com to view our pickleball scoring video.

Hey, Martis campers. I’m Andy Biederman, Assistant Tennis Pro here at Martis Camp, and today we’re here to talk about pickle ball, the wonderful sport of pickle ball. And we have with us today Claudia who’s gonna talk about some of the rules and intricacies of the game.

Hey, Martis campers. Welcome to Martis Camp pickle ball. It’s a fun, fast and friendly game. Okay, the first rule we’re going to talk about is how to serve. And the most important thing to remember is that when you serve, it’s an underhand serve. You need to keep the paddle below the wrist and below the waist, so it’s best just to serve underhand, like that.

Okay, another important rule of pickle ball is, you’ll see when you come down here, there is a line seven feet away from the net. That’s called the no-volley zone. We also call it the kitchen, so just think, ‘do not go in the kitchen’, because you cannot volley inside that area. You can, however, go into the no-volley zone if a dink, a ball, drops in there and you need to reach in and get it.

Got it, got it! Switch.

So, unlike tennis, in pickle ball, there is no serving volley. You must serve the ball, it will bounce to the returner, and then it must come back and bounce again before you can take the net. You still can’t volley in the kitchen, but at that point you can take the net and volley like you would in tennis.

Hey Martis campers, pickle ball is a great game. Come on down and play. We’ve got paddles and balls and, actually, we have a rule sheet down here too, just in case you have questions. See you at courts.


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